China-US relations need to overcome difficulties and move forward
As the world's two largest economies, each with different social systems, China and the U.S. should look at the big picture and adopt a broadminded approach to bilateral relations, with determination as well as patience.

About China Mosaic

Focusing on international news, and as a means of broadcasting China’s voices, China Mosaic is in full swing airing commentaries on the world’s big events in both Chinese and English. Wang Xiaohui, the host and Editor-in-Chief of joins in discussion with pundits who weigh in with their views on the issues being covered to give a unique perspective.



Wang Xiaohui is editor-in-chief of the China Internet Information Center and vice president of the China Academy of Translation. Wang has successively served as a translator with the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Xinhua News Agency, vice director of the Liaison Department of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Xinhua News Agency, manager of the London office of Xinhua News Agency, director of the Overseas Department of the Information Center at Xinhua News Agency, and CEO of Since 2009, he has served as vice president and editor-in-chief of the China Internet Information Center.

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